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Tollie’s African Safaris is a fully integrated family business owned and also operated by the Jordaan family.
The property has been home to six generations, as a result, we have accumulated over 30 years of experience in the hunting industry.
We are located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, a region known for boasting beautiful landscapes.
In addition to over 200 thousand acres of unspoiled, natural wildlife, our hunting grounds are also malaria-free. Perfect conditions for the ultimate African Hunting Safari.

What to expect

Our goal is to ensure you have the most unforgettable hunting experience posible. Our friendly and dedicaed staff go the extra mile to make sure you do. We take pride in the fair chase, ethical hunting of more than 30 different species in our area.

Besides hunting, we are always pleased to include family African Safaris and other activities in our packages.

Some of which include: hiking, game viewing, horse riding, trout fishing, day excursions to nearby historic towns, visits to world-renowned game parks & more…



Willem Gabriel Jordaan was the first Jordaan to arrive in the area in the 1800s. Upon arrival he found a bare land, thus he put a stake in the ground and claimed the property. And so the property has been passed down through the generations.

Tollie is the 5th generation and his sons Paul, Pieter, and Willem are the 6th generation of Jordaan’s on the properties.

Wild game was the one thing that seemed to flourish on this bare land. But as the farmers made their living from breeding livestock, wild game was not considered to be a financial asset.​  Challenges came about as a result. For instance, the wildlife and the livestock were competing for pasture.

Tollie’s father, Paul Abraham Jordaan was one of the country’s best Merino sheep farmers. “As a young boy, I remember my dad inviting all his friends to come and hunt, free of charge. They always enjoyed the company and the experience of it.” – Tollie

This gave Tollie the idea to start a hunting business.

Tollie joined his father in the family business in 1986. He then started the hunting business (Tollie’s African Safaris) with corporate clients from South Africa.


from livestock to wildlife conservation

Upon starting the hunting business there were only 4 species on the property.

They usually only hunted Kudu, Blesbuck, and Springbuck. Not long after that Tollie took the business internationally and started marketing in the USA.

​Every year as the hunting business, improved, Tollie reinvested the money back into wildlife, reintroducing one or two more species. Eventually, it turned into a beautiful selection of wildlife, and currently, we have over 30 different species.​

Hunting wildlife has proven to be of great value. By reinvesting in game constantly, it ensures that these species remain protected from extinction.

Hunting is not just something we do, it is part of who we are. At Tollie’s African Safaris we take pride in who we are and the values we live by. These values are reflected in our respect for nature, our commitment and investment in African wildlife, and most of all, our ethical hunting standards.

​We truly believe that hunting is one of the best conservation tools in the world. So thank you for hunting with us and above all investing in our African wildlife.​

Join us for a tailor-made Hunting Safari OR a Family Safari where special consideration is given to children and first-time hunters.

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