Hunt In Africa With Tollie's African Safaris

Hunt In Africa


It is one of life’s  great fortunes, being able to do the things we are passionate about. Those who get to do it daily are even more fortunate.

Our line of business is truly filled with adventure and excitement. Features we cant wait to share with the clients once they get here. 

But on the other hand, it comes with a responsibility. 

A responsibility to take care of and support the wildlife and landscapes we hold close to our hearts. This is just one reason we feel so strongly about maintaining ethical and sustainable hunting practices.  

Moreover, we believe that passing on the love and appreciation we have for nature and wildlife will have sustainable benefits for the future.

There is much to share about this beautiful country we call home. Like every country we have much to be proud of and also much to aspire to. 

Our aim is to share as much knowledge as possible to empower every visitor on their journey. Whether it is to hunt in Africa, or simply travel through the sights. There is so much to discover.




Join us on our latest adventures as we journey through the breathtaking South African landscapes and take on thrilling hunting as well as photo safaris.

Learn about the animals to fear, to love, and to covet for your trophy list. Enjoy the expeditions we share. And the tips and tricks we learned along the way, so you don’t have to.

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